Receive Orders from IOS, Android and Web App


Customers can order, pay and pickup using your branded app. 

Handle multiple types of ordering such as delivery, pick-up, table service and kiosk. 

Advertise directly to your customers. Let them know about holiday promotions and menu changes. 

Once we signed up with Moduurn we were able to track how many of our website visitors were paying customers. We are online in every way our customers need us to be. Customers now have an easy way to order, pay and pickup while beating the Lunch Rush. Thanks to Moduurn we are serving more customers than our stores can handle.


La Taqueria

la-taqueria tacos

Web Ordering built into your website.

Utilize your website.

Turn your website visitors into paying customers.

Make it easy to order off your website, from a laptop or mobile phone, immediately. 

Smart Management


Automate your business, receive multiple orders within seconds. 

Easy for management to use. Generate sales reports by location or enterprise.  

Seamless integration with School POS systems. Order management through the POS or an IPAD. 

Change your Menu on the fly and let your customers know about it. 

Integrated payments, Customers can prepay with Credit Card, Interac, Debit, and Google & Apple Pay.   

Our business got Moduurn, our pickup service and takeout orders have increased dramatically and now we are handling multiple orders at the same time instead of handling single orders over the phone.



Tap into the future of School POS systems with mobile, online ordering.


Tap into the future of POS systems with mobile. 

Innovate with the many possibilities that Moduurn offers. 

Some of the services our clients use include:

Table Ordering, Self-Order Kiosks, Pickup, Curb Service and integration with your favourite delivery services. 

Send the order directly to the kitchen using your mobile phone.